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Order European Nightcrawlers on line any time day or night. Mail order European Nightcrawlers make it easy to save time and money. Skip the hassle of trying to buy nightcrawlers locally and order nightcrawlers shipped directly to you.

European Nightcrawlers, also know as Giant Redworms and Belgium Worms, were introduced into the United States from Europe in the late 1990s. Since that time, this worm is becoming more and more popular as both a large composting earthworm and an all around fishing bait. European Nightcrawlers grow three to eight inches long and thick as a pencil.

These are NOT Canadian Nightcrawlers!

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The European Nightcrawlers we ship are between 1.2 to 1.5 grams each. Please do not expect worms that look like Canadian Nightcrawlers. European Nightcrawlers will not grow as big as the Canadian Nightcrawlers, but can get up to 4.5 grams, be 4-6"long and as thick as a #2 pencil ... with the proper feeding and care.

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We also have Redworms or Red Wigglers!

Keeping earthworms is easy! For information regarding care, housing and feeding, read Earthworm Care and Feeding.

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